Cop pulls over Google self-driving car, finds no driver to ticket



As the officer approached the slow moving car he realized it was a Google Autonomous Vehicle,” a police department post said.
An unblemished recordIn a Google Plus post, the Google Self-Driving CarProject pled guilty to slow driving.

So the officer asked the passenger how the car was choosing speeds along certain roadways.”We’ve capped the speed of our prototype vehicles at 25 mph for safety reasons,” the post said. “We want them to feel friendly and approachable, rather than zooming scarily through neighbourhood streets.”

In the end, the officer determined the car had broken no law.
No ticket was issued not because there was no driver to whom to issue it but because the car had committed no violation.
For its part, the Google Self-Driving Car Project seemed proud of the whole affair.

After 1.2 million miles of autonomous driving, we’re proud to say we’ve never been ticketed!” the car project posted.

  1. The investors in the company:investors will certainly be interested in this technology, in a shortime these self driving cars will corner the market.
  2. Competitors in the industry: car manufacturers will mostly likely looked to capitalize on this new technology.
  3. Consumers:The first models of fully autonomous cars will be targeted to the consumer and will be available for purchase
  4. Government:Governments will look to make to new rules and regulations for these self driving cars.

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