NASA Wants To Share Its Patented Technology And Inventions With High-Tech Entrepreneurs.

Nasa surprised many people ,when it announced it would allow ambitious entrepreneurs to use there patents for free. According to Amy Mainzer, Spokesperson for the NASA “the technological transparency is meant to accelerate business growth as well as give a positive impulse to American high-tech industries.”The article states before investors around the world start celebrating it is worth saying that the initiative will probably be limited to the United States.David Miller, chief technologist at NASA, declared”Entrepreneurs can take that research – and some risks – to create new products and new services”. Advances in science, communications, health or robotics are easily imaginable.

  1. Investors: New technology and companies will spring for this , making available new investment opportunities.
  2. Competitors:Competitors form other countries will have to improve their technologies, if they hope to compete with the U.S.
  3. Consumers:consumers will  be introduce to new and innovative technologies.
  4. Government: This will improve the economy and provide new job opportunities.



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